The Shadow of Dragons

Session Eight

Construction Ahead


May 10-16, 1482

The party shadowed that caravan for several days before reaching the Carnath Roadhouse. There, they attempted to pose as undercover cultists there to oversee the operation. The site’s superintendent, Bog Luck, eventually accepted their story. However, Half-Nose, having also just arrived at the Roadhouse, strongly objected. The heroes spun quite a story, and bluffed, intimidated, and threatened their way into being given a room and talking later.

They met a very eager assistant in the form of the stableboy Wump, who aspired to be a great investigator one day, and offered to assist them with any mysteries they might be trying to solve. They spent some time gathering information about the goings-on at the Roadhouse, met the camp chef Gristle Pete, and determined that all the treasure was being deposited in one room, but never seemed to leave.

The party waited until nightfall, and attempted to sneak downstairs to get a look at that room. Wump was able to warn them beforehand that Half-Nose and his crew were suspicious of the group, and waiting in ambush for them.

A very short battle ensued, with the heroes making quick work of Half-Nose and his cultists. Working quickly, Drianna disabled the locked door, startling the half dozen lizardfolk inside. The creatures had entered through a trap door in the floor of the room, and were ferrying the crates of treasure into the tunnel below.

Another short fight ensued, and the party slew all of the lizardfolk. They quickly gathered all the bodies and dumped them down into the passageway, and were about to investigate it when they all also discussed what to do with Bog Luck, Wump, and their horses. Drianna gave Wump the address of Thornhart, Inc. in Exridge, and told him to wait two days, take their horses, and head there and he’d be taken care of.

They also determined that things would be better if Bog Luck was also dead, so Razar-De entered his room and killed him in his sleep. Bog Luck’s body joined the others in the tunnel, Drianna re-locked the door from the inside, and everyone headed down into the passageway, spiking the trap door closed behind them.

The tunnel was filled chest-deep with cold swamp water, and the party made their way along the dark passageway. After a distance, it opened into the swamp northeast of the Roadhouse. Locating some lizardfolk canoes, they discovered a blazed trail and paddled deeper into the swamp.



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