The Shadow of Dragons

Session Eighteen

Massacre in the Sunless Citadel


June 23, 1482

The heroes returned to the kobold-held areas, dropping off Jamna in the relative safety of an unoccupied room. Venix (not present) volunteered to stay behind with her.

The rest of the party advanced quickly into goblin territory. They explored several passageways and used pitons to spike doors closed as they went. They located a room where the goblins were keeping the captured white dragon wyrmling Calcryx, but could not decide if they wanted to kill the creature or keep their bargain with the kobold queen Yusdrayl. Meepo was left to keep an eye on his former charge, and the party departed with a promise to return for them.

Shortly after, the heroes inadvertently stumbled directly into the Likho clan throne room and main living areas. A massive, chaotic battle ensued. The heroes, buoyed by Gareth’s Spirit Guardians, managed to rout the entire clan. They slew their chieftain Durnn, his priestess Grenl, and a horde of hobgoblins and Likho clan warriors.

As the battle turned against them, the “civilian” goblins – mostly women and children, found themselves initially trapped between the fighting and the spiked doors. Eventually they managed to batter down one door and dozens of goblins fled screaming out into the citadel.



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