The Shadow of Dragons

Session Nineteen

Into the Darkness Below


June 23, 1482 cont’d

The heroes took a moment to catch their breath, then returned to the kobold throne room. There they rejoined Venix and Jamna, and met with Yusdrayl the Trik Clan queen. They described their victory, and told her that the goblin chief Durnn and his warriors were dead. For their reward, the party asked for the key and flask they spotted earlier sitting on Yusdrayl’s throne. There was a great celebration among the kobolds, and the heroes retired for a much-needed rest.

June 24

Leaving Jamna behind to recuperate, the rest of the party returned to the sealed passage in the floor of the goblin throne room. They key did not fit; the seal’s only feature being a small dagger-sized slit along one edge. Rather than go searching for the proper key, they used the Chime of Opening recovered from Belak’s tower in Ossington. The portal irised open, revealing a hundred-foot drop to a cavern below, lined with damp vines.

With only a few near-death falls, the heroes descend … directly into combat with some sort of ghoulish undead gardeners. The group then slowly explored the strange underground mix of natural caverns violently merged with the lower levels of the collapsed citadel. In one side room, they slew a pair of goblins torturing a giant rat, which seemed to be infected with wood-like sores and tumors. In another, they defeated a monstrous creature with no head, just a giant mouth which made a strong effort to devour Tarathan.

The heroes explored the winding tunnels deeper into the earth. They explored an old library but opted to bypass an enormous magical dragon statue of unknown purpose. Finally, the hallways and tunnels opened into an enormous underground chamber. The cavern was softly lit by the purple glow of luminescent fungus, which took the shape of the strange rambling words last seen in Belak’s tower. The ground was covered in huge thickets of thorny bushes and a scattering of ruined structures, through which they could see a number of the twig creatures that attacked them on the surface.

And, several hundred feet across the chamber, the heroes could just make out the shape of an enormous black tree, softly backlit in the violet glow.



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