The Shadow of Dragons

Session One

Bones and Arrows

Bones and Arrows

March 11, 1482

Assembled by Marnius Cortes, our heroes set forth south from Exridge along the Uldoon Trail, the main trade route between the capital and the ports at Varsten.

Captain Cortes instructs them to investigate reports of undead activity at a suspected comet impact site. They are to travel a half a day south, locate and follow a smaller path that crosses the Uldoon Trail, and make their way to the crater.

The trip passes without difficulty, and the party has no problem locating the affected site and dispatching the four reanimated skeletons they find roaming the area.

Rather than venture back to the main road, the party takes another side trail that takes them in a more direct route home. They travel for just over an hour, but then as they come around a bend in the trail, they spot two dead horses sprawled out ahead of them, riddled with arrows and blocking the path. Investigating, they find that the saddle bags have been looted, and blood stains the ground.

Without warning, they find themselves under fire from several goblins that were lying in ambush on either side of the road. Several members of the party find themselves badly wounded, but they manage to kill their attackers. After a few minutes of rest, they investigate the area and find signs of two bodies being dragged away from the ambush site.

Concerned for anyone who may have survived the ambush, they follow the trail a short ways to the opening of a small cave system. Bypassing some wolves penned in at the entrance, the group explores a series of empty caves before encountering a small troop of goblins and their leader.

After a short battle, the goblins lie dead, and the party searches the remaining caves. They discover a small cache of treasure, but no sign of survivors. Suspecting that any unfortunate prisoners wound up as meals for the goblins, the group departs the caves and continues their journey home.



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