The Shadow of Dragons

Session Seventeen

Old Friends and New


June 22, 1482

The heroes search several rooms to the north, and fought several giant, mutated rats and their rat queen, Guthash. The queen radiated a sickly aura that caused the party some issues, and escaped through a tunnel beneath their nest. Searching the chamber, the party discovered a half-eaten body which could only be the ranger Karakas.

Doubling back, the group followed Meepo to the entrance to “goblintown”. Pushing through the door, an alarm was set off, and the party engaged two groups of javelin-throwing Likho-clan golbins. The heroes managed to overcome the goblins’ caltrops and other obstacles, slew the goblins, and secured the room.

Hearing pleas for help from behind one door, the group entered a small, dark room and discovered three kobold prisoners chained to the floor, and another small figure locked within a cage. The party freed the kobolds, who made their way back to the safety of their area of the citadel.

Within the cage the party discovered, to their surprise, a badly-wounded Jamna Gleamsilver. After providing what healing they could, the heroes retreated back a bit and secured the area, preparing to rest there for the night.

Jamna, in her frustratingly dodgy manner, told the party that she was following the trail of the leader of the Tiso monk clan, a woman named Hanira Redfall. This name, while new to the party, matched the partial name in Belak’s journal. This created great interest – especially from Razar-De.

Jamna told them that Redfall left from Torsuul and came here. Jamna followed, but was attacked by some shadowy beast and woke up a prisoner of the goblins. As best as she could make out, she’d been here about two weeks.

Much additional conversation followed, including an all-but-actually-saying-it confirmation that Jamna was working for the Black Network (some oath, geas, or spell seemed to prevent her from direct confirmation).

Meepo mentioned that now the goblins for sure knew they were coming, and asked the party if they wanted to continue on this “back way” into the citadel’s depths, or if they wanted to circle around and take the “main way”. The heroes rested and discussed their options.



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