The Shadow of Dragons

Session Twenty-One

Cleaning House


June 25, 1482

After resting, there was much discussion of the new information discovered, and what to do next. The heroes departed the twilight grove, and decided to explore the areas of the sunless citadel they had ignored until now. Finding nothing of interest in the lower level, the party ventured back up to the main floor.

They discovered, and shattered, the glowing orb that the kobolds had mentioned making a “light that hurts”. Reaching the end of the unexplored corner of the keep, the party discovered, disturbed, and then destroyed an undead troll priestess of whatever religion or cult originally inhabited the keep.

Finally, the group gathered up Jamna, said goodbye to Yusdrayl, Meepo and his kin, and departed the citadel. They traveled until nightfall, then camped.

June 26, 1482

The party continued on their trek to Oakhurst, arriving in the evening. They paid a short but somber visit to Kerowyn Koldricsson, and returned the signet rings of her fallen relatives.

The heroes then returned to the Inn, where they found Wump, who had volunteered to bring the party horses from Exridge. Wump filled them in on some news from the city, and the group prepared to depart Oakhurst.



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