The Shadow of Dragons

Session Twenty-Six

An Expeditious Retreat


July 15, 1482

After a few hours, the heroes’ attempted rest was interrupted by a knock at the door. A voice, identifying themselves as Adonin Redfall, attempted to ask the party their intentions. Opening the door, they saw that Adonin, was a cambion monk of the Tiso order the party encountered in Ossington and that Razar-De had been seeking. He and a half dozen human Tiso monks had piled oil-soaked wood and refuse against the door and created makeshift barricades for cover.

Uninterested in palaver, the heroes attacked; Tarathan struck a critical blow and killed Adonin nearly outright. This triggered a massive response from the monks, remaining gnolls and larger flinds. Fires were lit, and the party, still not recovered from their previous battles, found themselves hard pressed to survive.

The party fell back deeper into the caves, locating a wide stair leading down into darkness. Hoping to delay their pursuers, they closed a portcullis behind them and made their way down the steps. They proceeded a short ways through natural caverns walls studded with glittering stones, and found a small side cave in which to rest.

The gnolls from above did not pursue the heroes into this area, so they spent an uneasy but uninterrupted night listening to strange chittering, slithering, sounds echo through the cavern.



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