The Shadow of Dragons

Session Twenty-Three

Northbound Again


July 8, 1482

After resting, the PCs returned to meet with the Princess again at Sunrise House.

Elenda asked for the case, and her guard took it and placed it on the table before the party. Without speaking, Elenda reached across and effortlessly opened the case. Nestled within red velvet lining were five pieces of a broken, but ornate, spear. It glowed softly, the very air in the room felt lighter, smelled sweeter, and any nagging aches and pains of their travels fadeed away in this soft golden glow.

Elenda spoke: "This is Dawnkeeper. Legendary weapon of my many-times-great grandfather. Forged by Durgeddin the Black and infused with, legend says, a drop of Pelor’s own essence. Broken 832 years ago in battle with the demon lord Alachek. This nation was founded by this weapon, and I am going to entrust it, for a short while, to you.

My father is dead. And while I love my brother more than life itself, he may never awake again. Even if he does, he has been compromised by eating a fruit, and his intentions will never be free from people thinking he is being influenced by evil.

She wiped away a tear, took a deep breath, and steadied herself. I will not allow this nation to be torn apart. With my mother’s support as Queen Regent I intend to defy tradition and stand as the first Queen Regnant of Turrion. There will be significant, but not insurmountable, opposition to this. I have many allies that will help this be a peaceful transition of power so we can concentrate on the impending invasion from the north. I intend to stand before the Lord’s Council, our nobles, the Church, and our people and declare myself Queen and I will do so with the reforged Dawnkeeper in my hand. The symbolism of this will be undeniable to our people, and put quick end to any dissenting talk of tradition from my opposition who want to play at politics while the nation burns down around us.

Our scholars tell me that within Durgeddin’s fortress Khundrukar is a Foundry. And within that Foundry a Forge. Fueled by dragonsfire, the arcane Forge has the power to remake Dawnkeeper anew. This is what I ask of you. I ask you to be the saviors of our nation. I ask you no less than to stand and change history with me. Take our nation’s, and my family’s, most precious artifact, and reforge it in the fires of its birth."

The party had few questions for the princess, accepted her charge, and took their leave.

July 9

The next day was spent preparing for their journey. Ontharr was able to once again arrange the druidic ritual that transformed the party into hawks, and they departed with all haste towards the Stone Tooth.

July 9 – 12

The party flew to the northwest.

July 12

About an hour’s flight from the Stone Tooth, the heroes could see a caravan below them being attacked by gnoll raiders. They quickly landed and ended the transformation, then moved in to combat. While they were too late to save the few civilians, they did discover a note on the gnoll leader’s body:


The party opted to rest before moving on.



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