Drianna Thornehart

High Elf Rogue


Fox Clan


For generations, the Thornehart family has been renowned as some of the world’s premier security consultants. Dealing with aspects ranging from personal protection to physical site threat and vulnerability assessment, Thornehart Inc. has a reputation throughout many lands as a dependable resource to merchants, noble houses, and incarceration facilities.

The family includes skilled locksmiths, masons, and steel workers, and all are knowledgeable in criminal thinking and strategy. One of the families’ youngest daughters, Drianna excels here. She has a keen mind regarding how criminals think, and has built a network of contacts (on both sides of the law) who help her stay in the know.

Born and raised in the city of Fenabeth in Glimhane, Drianna accepted her first assignment with the family and traveled to Exridge with her father, Mattathan, to being laying the groundwork for expanding business into Turrion. The pair spent several successful years making inroads with many noble, mercantile, legal, and criminal figures in and around Exridge, from the Radiant Servants to the Black Network, and had completed several consultations to high praise.

Tragedy struck this past winter, when Mattathan was betrayed and attacked during what was supposed to be a simple meeting with an informant. Mattathan managed to slay his attacker, but was mortally wounded. On his deathbed, he confessed to Drianna that he had become involved with a group calling themselves the Cult of the Dragon. They had paid him to arrange the smuggling of goods across southern Turrion. Wracked by guilt, he begged Drianna to undo the evil he may have helped to foster.

Leaving the management of the business to her trusted associate Maedove “The Dove” Oriver, she focuses now on redemption and revenge. After discovering rumors about the Cult’s activity to the south, she has joined the ranks of the Radiant Servants’ freelancers working under Marnius Cortes, in order to continue her investigation.

Drianna Thornehart

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