Gareth Elvere

Human Cleric of Kord


Wolf Clan


I am the son of Aven Elvere of the Wolf Clan and Elena Elvere of the Stag Clan. Aven was the youngest son of a modest household, as was Elena Elvere (nee Al-Thor). Together, they produced one son, Gareth who was born in 1460.

In 1472,my father used his family connections to obtain a mid-level bureaucratic position in Arendor’s Watch. He secured passage there with a small group of merchants and their guards, one of whom was Earold Sharpspear, a young initiate of Kord traveling to Arendor’s Watch to complete his training.

During the journey, the caravan was passing through the Serpent Hills when set upon by a band of brigands. While brigands are normally a relatively haphazard collection of untrained ruffians, this group seemed more well trained and outfitted than most. A relatively short and bloody battle ensued that left all of the travelers dead except for Elena and myself. The leader of the brigands knocked me to the ground and began to drag my mother off to the side of the road, when she suddenly pulled a dagger from the folds of her cloak and sliced the big man across his left check. In a fit of rage, the brigand smashed his mailed fist into Elena’s head. Two other brigands laughed and began to approach me.

Seeing the light drain from my mother’s eyes, I screamed in rage and grabbed the only thing near me, the holy symbol of Kord that had been carried by young Brother Sharpspear. Screaming, “Kord curse you!” I held the symbol before me as the men laughed. Suddenly, my hand began to glow, and I remember the look of fear on the men’s faces just before the light blinded me and I lost consciousness.

I awoke a week later in a hospital in Arendor’s Watch. Apparently, another group of merchants came across the carnage the next day. At first it was thought that everyone was dead. As they were clearing the bodies, they found me, unconscious but alive beneath two brigands near the body of a dead woman. Other than a burn on my hand, no other injury could be found. They bandaged my hand and sent me with a fast rider for Arendor’s Watch.

When the healers removed the bandages from my right hand, they found a perfectly burned brand of 4 spears and 4 maces radiating from the center of my palm. A priest was called to examine me, and after I told him what I remembered, I was transferred to the Temple of Kord. It was then that I briefly met Volund Frey for the first time.

After he too questioned me about what had happened, he told me that I was chosen by Kord and my place was in the Temple. He told me that there was a great evil that was coming and that Kord needed warpriests to fight for justice and push back the evil.

For the next 10 years, I trained my body in the art of war and my spirit to the teachings of Kord. As a chosen of Kord, I was assigned to the Paladin Ontharr Frume of the Order of the Gauntlet for instruction. He became my mentor and taught me all he could. Over the years, he became like a father to me.

Most of the other Initiates were jealous of me, being that I bore the personal mark of Kord. While they tried their best to live the way of Kord, it never came as easy for them. While I can appreciate their dedication, only a few from every generation are marked by Kord, so it would only be natural that they would be envious of my personal relationship with the God of War.

Over time, I did become friends with two other Initiates, Marcus Cauthon and Felice Almara. After Ontharr, they are the closest thing to a family that I have and I hope to be reunited with them soon so that we can fight Evil and spread the word for Kord together. Marcus and Felice have followed in Ontharr’s footsteps and joined the Order of the Gauntlet, and I hoped to join them, but other matters interceded.

When Ontharr told me that Jarl Frey believed that it was time that I prove my worth to Kord, I left without hesitation. I knew that Ontharr had taught me well, and now Kord had other need of me.

When I arrived in Exridge, I immediately presented myself to Sindri Smokebeard at the Temple of Kord. Karl Smokebeard immediately set out testing my skills to ensure that I was worthy. As always, I proved myself more than capable and, after being in Exridge for a month, I was assigned to Marnius Cortes to rid the surrounding countryside of the Evil that is taking over the land.

Gareth Elvere

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