Razar-De Haphet

Human Monk


Owl Clan


My father was a strong hard worker of the Horse clan who believed that rest came after life. Unfortunately, he was taken from us when I was too young to really learn from him.

My mother, of the Owl, had to take on parenting of two young boys. My older brother Ariston was certainly capable of becoming the man of the house, but my mother wanted
him to focus on his goal of joining in the King’s army. Ariston and my father had long planned this, and my mother wished very much for him to fulfill his late father’s wishes. When he was old enough, she made Ariston swear that he would follow our father’s plan for him, and he agreed. He left home and started a successful career; over the years he has advanced steadily through the ranks and now commands an outpost in the north near Lake Ilman.

My mother, whose inner strength I came to realize was possibly stronger than my father’s, never seemed to miss a beat. She picked up where my father left off and continued his place in the fields. She refused to let me take part, rather demanding that I spend time learning of other, more worldly things. Many times she made me observe and study with the monks and pilgrims who would come to town to help bring food to the poor and elderly. As I grew, I became a scholar of sorts, using my wit rather than my brawn to resolve issues.


Razar-De Haphet

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