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  • Arendor IV

    [[:arendor-iv | Arendor Exridge IV]] Current King of [[Turrion]]. Crowned in 1452 after the death of his father, Arendor III. In 1453, King Arendor was wedded to Queen [[Margery Exridge]] (of the house Turol). Prince [[Tammen Exridge]], born in 1470 …

  • Tammen Exridge

    Eldest living son of King [[Arendor IV]] and Prince of [[Turrion]]. Born in 1470, he is next in line for succession to the throne after the family's first son, Arendor V, was lost to cribdeath in 1456. Prince Tammen also has a older sister, [[Elenda …

  • Elenda Exridge

    Princess of [[Turrion]], she is the daughter of King [[Arendor IV]] and Queen [[Margery Exridge]]. Born in 1465, she is the older sister of Prince [[Tammen Exridge]].