Exridge is the grand capital of Turrion, the largest city in the empire. Many smaller villages and town follow the models of military cities or trading hubs, but Exridge is a city built for no other purpose than to be its nation’s capital.

Approximately 21,000 citizens.

*73% Human
*6% Dwarf
*5% Halfling
*5% Eladrin
*4% Elf
*3% Dragonborn
*3% Half-Elf
*>1% Tiefling
*>1% Other

Royals and Rulers
Exridge and Turrion proper are currently ruled by King Arendor IV. The monarchy of Turrion is passed on to the oldest child in a commonly seen system of succession. King Arendor is wedded to Queen Margery Exridge (of the house Turol). Prince Tammen Exridge is next in line for succession to the throne after the family’s first son, Arendor V, was lost to cribdeath at less than a month old.

Prince Tammen also has a younger sister, Elenda Exridge.

The official edifices of Exridge are grand and towering showcases, with sweeping arches and tall spires crowned by bright pennants. Though built primarily of granite, these structures bear white marble facades. The lower levels have bright windows of stained glass, while the upper stories are pierced by arrow slits. The palace itself is as large as a small village. It contains not only the king’s living and working quarters, but most of the city’s governmental offices, an entire military garrison, and a magical laboratory and library.

Non-government buildings, such as shops and private homes, also offer nicer construction than in many other cities. Citizens keep their property clean, and many whitewash their houses. Even modest homes likely have at least two stories, with some boasting as many as four or five. As often seen in a military city, many of Exridge’s roofs are flat. They can serve as archery platforms should the city ever face invasion, but they more often function as vantage points from which citizens can view the monarch and other nobles’ passing in procession.

Exridge is surrounded by an outer layered defensive wall rivaling that of any military stronghold, 32 feet in height and 15 feet thick. The city’s gates are larger and more numerous than those in most fortified cities, the better to allow entry for royal or ambassadorial processions. Constructed of iron, each gate is normally open but guarded by six soldiers.

A second, older wall surrounds “Old City”, the original border of Exridge at its founding. This wall is 10 feet high and 1 foot thick, constructed of stone. Each of its heavy wooden gates is normally guarded by four royal soldiers.

The main roads of the city form a circular grid. Wide avenues stab straight from the palace to the many city gates, like beams from a sun, while perpendicular roads ring it in concentric circles. Smaller streets and alleys connect the larger ways like strands of a cobweb. No beggars haunt the main thoroughfares, and every building lining them is whitewashed and clean.

These cobbled avenues are scrupulously maintained. In many places, arched bridges leap overhead, making the entire city feel like an enormous palace. The main avenues are lit by continual flame lampposts, all streets are clearly labeled, and major intersections boast permanent guards.

The people of Exridge know the importance of their city, and some can be arrogant and pompous as a result. Some visitors find them tiresome. Nevertheless, the population is quite cosmopolitan. Citizens view other races, unusual cultures, and strange magic with tolerance, if not outright welcome.

Crime in Exridge falls under the purview of several accredited thieves guilds, all of which have standing arrangements with the city guard and with the crown. So long as they keep a tight leash on their members and avoid robbing or assaulting anyone important, the criminal guilds operate with minimal interference.

While many in power dislike this arrangement, they recognize that the alternative would be a larger number of independent, unrestricted criminals. The guilds enforce the protection of individuals designated as off limits and eliminate competition by outside thieves, performing both functions far more efficiently than the city watch could manage. This situation perpetuates a belief, at least among the capital’s wealthy, that this “ultimate city” is practically free of crime, while it alienates the poor who suffer the depredations of the guilds.

A Brief History of the City
659 – Sir Jason Exridge founds the city of Exridge and the nation of Turrion.

727 – King Jason Exridge passes on quietly while resting on his throne.

885 – The city has grown too large, so a new outer wall is built to expand the space available.

1385 – Earthquakes level several parts of the city.

1452 – King Arendor III passes away from old age, Arendor IV takes the throne.

1453 – Arendor IV marries Margery Turol.

1456 – Arendor V is born and dies.

1470 – Prince Tammen Exridge is born.

1474 – Princess Elenda Exridge born.


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