Forn Sidr

The Forn Sidr, or Old Custom, is the organized church of Kord.

They are not nearly as strictly structured as the Holy Church of Pelor, which is very much by the intention of its adherents. Currently Thodr Farvil holds the position of Hylord, served by an Inner Council of five High Jarls.

Any city of significant size is usually home to a Jarl of Kord, who oversees the high-level religious concerns of the area. The Jarl is, in turn, assisted by any number of Karls. In smaller settlements, there may only be a Karl present, or even just a ranking layperson, called Freemen of Kord.

The Forn Sidr has no restrictions on their female members; though a woman has never held the position of Hylord, they are often Karls and occasionally Jarls – and, twice, High Jarls.

Forn Sidr

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