Tarathan Orron

Half-Elf Paladin of Pelor


Wolf Clan


Born and raised in Exridge, Tarathan is the only son of a human father and elvish mother who were taken by sickness while he was still a boy. Taken in by the priests of Pelor’s Grove, he was raised a foster of the Church.

As he grew, he showed equal promise in his theological and martial mindsets, and began training at the small academy overseen by Vitus Balfour of the Radiant Servants of Pelor.

In 1480, during the time of the Black Comet, religious and military forces were stretched thin due to the crisis, and every promising (and, truth be told, many borderline) candidates were advanced early and pressed into emergency service.

Tarathan was excelling a the time, and was proud to be among the first to receive early promotion. He received his blessings and commission as a Radiant Servant in the summer of 1480, and was immediately assigned to a posting to the southwest, in the Warwood.

This first posting would prove to be disastrous. Deep within those haunted woods, his small squad of priests, warriors, and other Servants was ambushed by undead horrors. After seeing his companions torn to pieces, only to rise themselves as twisted monsters, they were forced to flee. Over the next few days, Tarathan was forced to kill some of the wounded that were infected by the undead and began to succumb and change. Only a few survived the grim trip back to Exridge.

Tarathan was next assigned under Marnius Cortes, who gave him command of a small group of hired mercenaries with orders to hunt down a group of bandits hassling traders near the village of Greenest. While there, he came to be good friends with Castellan Escobert the Red, the dwarven master of the keep.

Working for Governor Tarbaw Nighthill, Tarathan’s small team located and eliminated the bandits, but in the process Taranthan was wounded badly enough to prevent travel. He was recovering in Greenest when the comet exploded, and was happy to act as shepard for the nervous citizens – he had grown to love the small town and its people.

After a few months of recovery, he vowed to return to Greenest one day, and departed for Exridge. He has spent the past year working for Marnius Cortes, leading small groups of Servants and freelancers on assignments to bring order to the lands.

Tarathan Orron

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