The Shadow of Dragons

Session Twenty-Four

Through the Mountain Door


July 13, 1482

The heroes traveled the remaining distance to the Stone Tooth, a tall, steep hill that rises to a prominent bare knob of rock. A thin spire of smoke rose from some unseen point high on the hill’s slopes, but the party instead chose to focus on a steep, narrow track that ran back and forth across the face of the mountainside. Nearing the top as evening came on, they decided to rest on a rocky outcrop near the path.

July 14

Broad, shallow steps led up a steep fissure to the south and turned east into the mountainside. Here, a broad entrance had been carved out of the stone. Marble steps cracked with age and veined with green moss led up to a strong double-door of carved stone, 8 feet wide and almost 10 feet tall. On closer inspection, the doors were left just slightly ajar, and the party proceeded inside.

The great door opened into a large hall, guarded by two rough-looking gnolls and a large bestial dog-like demon. Drianna took the initiative, firing at the creatures and battle was joined. Combat continued down the hall, with other gnolls joining the fray.



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